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Anti-Worm Drugs Purity 99% CAS 14769-73-4 Levamisole/Tetramisole
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Anti-Worm Drugs Purity 99% CAS 14769-73-4 Levamisole/Tetramisole

English name :Levamisole

CAS no. : 14769-73-4

Molecular formula: C11H12N2S

Molecular weight: 204.29

EINECS no. : 238-836-5
  • 14769-73-4
  • SXNP
  • SXNP-14769-73-4
Product Description


It is a left-handed isomer of thiimidazole, commonly used in its hydrochloride or phosphate,

White or quasi white crystalline powder;

Odorless, bitter and highly soluble in water,

In ethanol, HCL is soluble and phosphate is slightly soluble.

Chemical NameLevamisole
Molecular FormularC11H12N2S
Molecular Weight204.29100
Precise quality204.07200
Boiling Point344.4ºC at 760mmHg
Melting point230 - 233ºC
Flash Point162.1ºC
AppearanceWhitre Powder


Levamisole is commonly used as an insect repellent in a variety of animals and is effective against both adults and larvae.

Levamisole is a western medicine, which has a good therapeutic effect on ascaris roundworm, hookworm, pinworm and fecal roundworm diseases. At the same time, because of its high single-dose effective rate, levamisole is suitable for collective treatment.In addition, it has higher activity than diethylcarbazine in adult worms of Filariasis, Filariasis and ontococci, but its long-term effect is not so good.

Matters needing attention

1. Except for pulmonary nematodes in monogastric animals, injection is recommended to prevent poisoning, and oral administration is generally recommended;

2. This product should be used with caution on horses, camels are forbidden. Levamisole phosphate injected with twice the therapeutic amount of levamisole phosphate could cause mild depression, salivation and licking in 2/3 of cattle, and these symptoms disappeared within 1h after treatment.

3. Pigs given 3 times the therapeutic dose of Levamisole sometimes cause vomiting. The pigs with adult lungworm parasitism developed vomiting and cough when treated with the treatment amount, which was a response to the elimination of lungworm and disappeared in a few hours.

4. Chickens can tolerate levamisole well, the median lethal dose is 2.75g/kg, the treatment dose (30-40 mg/kg) of Levamisole hydrochloride has no adverse effects on egg production, fertilization rate and hatching rate; However, pigeons are sensitive and may vomit after use.

5. Cats are used for the treatment of lungworm (Strongylodes occularis), and a large number of births may occur after the treatment, which should be observed carefully.

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