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99.9% Purity Flakes Boric Acid Powder CAS 11113-50-1
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99.9% Purity Flakes Boric Acid Powder CAS 11113-50-1

Boric acid

CAS no. : 11113-50-1

Molecular formula: BH3O3

Molecular weight: 61.83

EINECS no. : 234-343-4
Boric acid is produced by reacting naturally occurring borax (sodium borate) with acid.

Chemical formula H3BO3. The molecular weight is 61.83.

White triaxial scales with glossy crystals. Relative density 1.43514, refractive index 1.337, 1.461, 1.462.

Soluble in water, ethanol and glycerin.
  • 11113-50-1
  • SXNP
  • SXNP-11113-50-1
Product Description

Boric acid flakes Basic information
Product Name:Boric acid
Synonyms:Boric acid Flakes
Boric acid Chemical Properties
Form Crystalline Powder
Pka9.2(at 25ºC)
Color Clear, White
EPA Substance Registry SystemBoric acid (11113-50-1)

Uses: widely used in the production of borate, sodium silicate, borate ester, optical glass, porcelain glaze, paint, pigment, cosmetics, food preservatives, leather finishing, printing and dyeing auxilaries and medicine, also can be used as anti-corrosion disinfectant, astringent.

After a large amount of absorption, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea may occur, and in severe cases, circulatory failure, shock and death may occur. The lethal dose was 15 ~ 20g for adults and 3 ~ 6g for children. Slow excretion can lead to accumulation poisoning, manifested as anorexia, fatigue, insanity, dermatitis, alopecia, anemia, and menstrual disorders.

1, not suitable for lactating mother nipple;

2, should not be used as pharmaceutical and food preservatives;

3. Cosmetics containing more than 5% boric acid powder should not be used on infants and damaged skin;

4, do not sprinkle boric acid powder on children's damaged skin;

5, because of serious adverse reactions, it is recommended to use other drugs as far as possible, especially when wet compress, to avoid absorption poisoning.

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